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When I first started my health coaching business I was excited to start building my email list.

I distinctly remember the moment I realized someone had opted in for my freebie, (that wasn’t a friend or family member 😉).

That feeling felt so encouraging and I was hooked, so for the next 18 months, I doubled down on my list-building efforts.

But getting to that point wasn’t easy because I knew nothing about how the online business world worked.

I struggled with –

  • Which email management system was right for me?
  • Once I created my freebie where would it live on the internet and how would I deliver it in an email to my new subscriber?
  • What type of follow-up information should I offer that would potentially turn my new lead into a paying client?

My list of questions was long and answers were hard to come by, (It was 2011 so the people teaching online marketing were sparse).

I often hear from coaches that one of their biggest challenges comes when they try to figure out the tech in different aspects of their business. I totally get it because I was there once.

A question that I received from a coach recently was our inspiration for this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast.

She asked, “How do I actually DO the technical aspect of a freebie? Connecting the online pieces?

Have you ever felt this way?

If so, you’ll understand why we knew we had to dedicate an episode to this topic to make it super simple for YOU to have a flawless freebie delivery experience for your subscribers.


Today we’re discussing our 7-step process to delivering your freebie with ease to a new subscriber and – guess what?

It doesn’t involve nearly as much tech as you might imagine.

Step 1 – Create Freebie (PDF Download) 

For this step, we’re going to assume that you already have a client-specific lead magnet ready to go, designed for your dream client.

It’s important to create a freebie that is specific to the needs of your ideal client. If you’re still trying to figure this out, or you have a freebie that isn’t attracting the right people, we have another podcast episode that will help you dial it in.

It’s called – Episode 314 – Supercharging Your List Building: 5 Vital Elements for High-Converting Freebies.

Step 2 – Upload to an Online Storage Platform 

If you have an online business then you more than likely already have a favorite online storage platform. We know that many coaches use Dropbox or Google Drive. There are many options to choose from so it’s important to use one that you like.

I used Amazon s3 in the past, but during the past few years, they’ve made their settings really complicated and not very user-friendly, so while I still have things stored there I currently use Dropbox for all of my storage.

The main purpose of storing this in an online platform is so that it will be given a unique URL that you’ll be able to share with your new email subscriber in a delivery email so they can download it.

Step 3 – Grab the unique URL 

Once you’ve uploaded it to the online storage platform of your choice, you’ll want to log in and grab the unique URL that it was given. This is typically located in the “Share” option for that particular upload.

Step 4 – Set Up the Registration Page 

Next, you’ll need to set up a couple of web pages. This is what we’re covering here in Step 4 and the next step, Step 5. The easiest and quickest way to do this is through your email management system. They all have templates that can be quickly customized for your audience.

The first page you’ll want to customize is a registration page, also known as an opt-in page. This page allows your ideal client to enter their email address as a way of subscribing to your email list and getting your freebie delivered to them. We encourage our WBA students to only require an email address.
We’ve found that there are higher conversions when you don’t also require a first name. Choose a simple template that is easy to customize.

Step 5 – Set Up a Thank You / Confirmation Page 

The second web page you’ll want to set up is a thank you page, also known as a confirmation page. This is the page your new subscriber will be taken to once they click the submit button on the registration page.

The thank you page will thank them for subscribing and let them know to check their email because you’ll be sending the freebie resource right over to them. Again, there are simple templates within your email management system that will make this process easy to accomplish.

Step 6 – Delivery Email (Include the Link to Download the Freebie)

The delivery email should be pretty simple. It’ll congratulate them for choosing to request the free download, give them the link to download it, (this is the link you grabbed in Step 3 from your online storage platform), and encourage them to dive in right away. You may also let them know that you’ll be following up soon with another email to see how it’s going.

Step 7 – Follow-Up Email Sequence (Automated) 

Our final step is a follow-up email sequence. This step will take you a little longer to accomplish than the rest, but is worth the extra time because the main purpose of this email is to introduce your paid program and let your new subscriber know how they can work with you. This follow-up email sequence should be automated and delivered over the next 7-14 days depending on how many emails you want to write.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to include details about your experience, more info on how to implement the info they received in the freebie, case studies, testimonials, and benefits of joining your paid program.


In episode 357 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re discussing our 7-step process to set up and deliver a freebie flawlessly to a new email subscriber.

Each step that we cover builds on the last step. By breaking it down, we demystify the technical aspects, revealing a straightforward path to successful freebie implementation in any coaching business.

By the time the episode is finished, you’ll discover that it isn’t nearly as complicated or technical as you may have thought.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 7-step tech-friendly freebie delivery process that we personally use in our businesses and teach our clients for flawless delivery
  • The purpose of a follow-up email sequence and why, when designed correctly, it’ll lead to more paying clients
  • Why this rinse-and-repeat process, once implemented the first time, make future lead magnets a breeze to set up

Ready to design your freebie delivery process? Let’s dive in!


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