Would you agree that sometimes it feels like this online business thing gets more confusing by the day? Especially when it comes to your free offer and growing your email list.

In my private Facebook Group, Webinar Support For Coaches (come on over and join us if you haven’t already), we’ve been talking about growing an email list and what’s working right now.

Here’s the deal, things are changing with online marketing so quickly and it’s pretty much a necessity for all of us to change with it.


Believe me, I’m not a fan of change either. Fast-paced is not my natural speed. I’m more of a slow and steady kind of gal and I’ve found myself resisting how quickly things are changing.

But hey… if we, (that’s you and me ?), want to stay relevant then we need to dig into what’s working right now.

Yesterday I did a Workshop Wednesday training on my Facebook page where I shared The 5 Keys To A Free Offer That Gets Attention.

If you weren’t there live you can get your hands on the replay by clicking the replay button above.

During the workshop I shared information about:

    • What is the optimum length for your free offer in order for it to feel incredibly valuable to your new subscriber


    • How quickly does your audience want to be able to consume your content for fast implementation


    • Which types of free offers are getting the most attention right now… and why


    • What needs to be at the heart of your free offer to present itself as valuable to your tribe AND be remain simple for you to create


    • How most of your ideal clients are accessing your information and why you need to consider this when creating your free offer


I know you already know that your list is your most valuable asset. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded every now and again that part of your weekly tasks must focus on building a list.

So get comfy, grab a drink and let’s dive into The 5 Keys To A Free Offer That Gets Attention.


P.S. Love this training? Have questions? Either way I want to hear from you. Leave me a message below and I will personally respond to YOU. You’re the reason I work hard to stay on top of the changing trends. Hearing from you would definitely add a little sunshine to my day. 🙂