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One of the most amazing things about being an online business owner is that you can automate many of the tasks required of you so that you’re getting more done in less time.

It’s a dreamy lifestyle that allows you to set things up and then forget about them. They do the work for you in nurturing your new email subscribers, introducing them to your paid programs, and when done correctly, making sales while you sleep. (Yes, that’s a real thing!)

As an online business owner, you should always be planning and thinking about how you can make more sales. One of the easiest ways to do that is through various email sequences that either build momentum, warm up and nurture your followers, or actually do the selling for you.


There are four types of email sequences that will help you increase sales. Let’s dive into each of them…


Purpose: add value, build authority

In the timeframe of 1-2 months before your launch campaign, I recommend warming up your followers with program-specific emails that let them know that something is coming and educate them on the things they need to know to make a purchase decision when the time comes.

These emails should nurture your audience and establish your authority by sharing value-adding content with your email list. Be sure to leverage any podcasts, posts or videos you’ve made to share exclusive insights, mindsets or strategies that prove you know how to help solve your ideal client’s problem.

These emails should be sent once per week 4-8 weeks prior to your official launch dates. We call this your Pre-Launch Runway. These emails would be in addition to any regularly scheduled emails that you have going out.


Purpose: build momentum, warm your audience

One of the best ways to create momentum and excitement for your upcoming program launch is to create a waitlist. I recommend that you thank your early-bird audience for being the first to sign up by offering them a digital thank you gift.

That means that you’ll send your waitlist audience a special free download just for registering on your waitlist. This technique has served both myself and Kathleen LeGrys very well over the years and gives our waitlist audience the feeling of exclusivity and VIP access to special opportunities that no one else gets.

When the launch gets closer you can begin to build anticipation by letting your waitlist know exactly when your offer will be live, and what bonuses they will receive if they are the first to sign up.

I’ve also given waitlist members 24-hour advanced notice of the sale link so they can get in on any time-sensitive offers before the sale goes public.

For this email sequence there isn’t a specific number of emails. Depending on how early someone registers for the waitlist they may get as many as 5-7 emails.


Purpose: value add for your ideal client

Any time someone signs up for one of your free downloads, make sure to follow up with them with additional emails to educate them on what they need to know to make a buying decision from you. Also, let them know what dates they need to mark in their calendars and any next steps they may need to take.

To save tons of time be sure to download the 5 done-for-you fill-in-the-blank follow-up email templates.
This sequence would otherwise take you hours to write or hundreds of dollars to hire a professional copywriter. Instead, I’ve put in all the work so all you need to do is fill in a few blanks for each email and you’ll be ready to upload them into your email management system. Easy breezy!

This email sequence will be different for everyone but on average should be 5-7 emails in length.


Purpose: sell, sell, sell!

During the open cart phase or launch phase it’s important to educate your audience as much as possible about your offer/program through testimonials, data from previous client wins, tackling objections, and any live Q&As you’ll be hosting.

This sequence of emails should create urgency by sending multiple emails on the last day of the open cart. Make sure to communicate that the doors are closing, and to address any hesitations or objections your audience may have, encouraging them to reach out to you with their doubts. On the last day I always include a “if you’re on the fence” email to give my subscribers a chance to ask questions.

The number of open cart emails depends on how long your launch campaign is. For a 5-day open cart period we would recommend 7 emails in total. One on days 1-4 and three emails on day 5.


In episode 269 of The Wellness Business Podcast we’re bringing back a popular episode covering 4 different types of email sequences that will absolutely increase sales over time.

You’ll discover:

  • 4 types of email sequences that have been proven to increase program sales
  • How many emails should be included in each email sequence for maximum impact
  • Why including these email sequences 30-60 days prior to your launch will improve your conversion rate
  • Our #1 recommendation to build momentum and excitement for your upcoming sales, (leading to more people enrolling as soon as the doors open)

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