When you decided to start your coaching business, did you think it would be such a rollercoaster ride?

I sure didn’t! 

When I first started my health coaching business back in 2011 I thought I was fully prepared for the journey. 

I had been an owner in other businesses but what I didn’t realize was, (and this was the part that turned everything upside down for me), that this business would be the first time I was marketing myself. I didn’t have an external product to sell. I was marketing my abilities and expertise as a health coach. I was instantly way outside my comfort zone.

There are times in every business when things seem hard or confusing, and it’s often at the very beginning because there is so much to figure out. 

If you’re in a place right now where you’re feeling stuck, then this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast is just what you’re looking for. We will be sharing 3 ideas that can help boost your marketing.


While marketing struggles can be felt across all industries we pride ourselves on staying on top of what health coaches particularly are struggling with and how we can help them through coaching and resources to overcome those struggles. 

Here are the 3 ideas for giving your business a boost: 

TIP #1: Make sure you have a marketable ideal client.  

When we look at the health coaches who are struggling to get clients, one thing we notice is that they don’t have a marketable ideal client.  A marketable ideal client is someone who: 

  • Knows they have a problem – they are aware of their struggle or issue. 
  • Wants to solve the problem – they are looking for a solution. 
  • Has money to invest into that solution – this is important, so you have people who are willing and ready to invest in the solution.

TIP #2: Share content that gets the attention of your dream clients on social media

Another common struggle coaches have is they’re not getting the attention of their dream clients on social media. This is typically due to 3 reasons:

  • Not speaking clearly with the words and phrases your ideal clients are using – you’re using industry jargon or words they are not actually using, so there is a disconnect.
  • Not creating content around their pain points – maybe you’re covering more general content, but it’s not specific to your niche.
  • No clear theme in your content creation strategy – you’re posting graphics and other content, but there is no real path for taking followers to the next step of the customer journey, which leads them to work with you.

TIP #3: Make offers on a consistent basis 

Many wellness business owners lack consistency in making offers. To add more of this to your strategy, here are some idea:

  • Opening and promoting spots on your calendar for discovery calls
  • Opening the doors to your program/services at least once per quarter (open/close cart launch)


In episode 304 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’ll be sharing strategies that address the top 3 struggles coaches struggle with when starting their coaching business. 

Even though I’ve been in business for more than 10 years, there are still times when things don’t go as planned and I have to take a step back to evaluate what happened and figure out how I can improve for next time. It’s all part of the process for every entrepreneur 

We’re going to cover 3 specific areas of your marketing that you want to look at closely because these are the most common areas where we see coaches struggle, and when you have each of these things in dialed in, it can give your business a definite boost.

Here’s what we’re covering:

  • The #1 missing strategy we see with coaches who are struggling to get clients and what to do about it.
  • The 3 biggest reasons for not getting clients from social media and how to remedy it.
  • Ideas for the frequency of making offers, so you have more people enrolling in your paid programs

I know first hand there is a lot to learn when it comes to growing your business with online strategies such as social media and email list building, but the good news is you CAN learn exactly how to do it, and we love sharing our proven strategies that will save you time and help you get the best results in the shortest time possible.

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