Can YOU Really Get More Clients Using Facebook.... YES! You can. 

This program is especially for Coaches that want to get more paying clients using Facebook, without spending $100's, even $1,000's of dollars on paid advertising. 

If you're fustrated with the lack of results you are experiencing when trying attract new paying clients on Facebook, you're not alone.

Truth is their are thousands of Coaches, just like you, taking action on Facebook every day that can't seem to figure out the magic formula to turn a Facebook subscriber into a paying client.

The answer is easier than you think!

Getting new clients using Facebook is no different than any other

tool in your business... you just need to learn the formula 

that's working right now.

Growing your email list and getting more clients is simple if you learn exactly how Facebook has set up the platform to help you.

In other words, do it Facebook's way and you will get the results you want.

Hello, I'm Karen Pattock and I've been studying Facebook Marketing for the last 5 years.

Because I've tested more Facebook strategies than you can shake a stick at, I know what works.

Plus, let's face it... what was working on Facebook even just 2 years ago has changed.

I make it my business to stay on top of what's working on Facebook so I can help you grow your business.  

As Facebook becomes a more sophisticated marketing platform, the way you use the Facebook must evolve also.

One of the key factors to getting real traction on Facebook, that results with you getting more clients, is to have a system that puts you where your ideal clients are then turns them into email subscribers.

"Once they are on your email list that's when the magic happens."


That's when you have the opportunity to nurture the relationship with:

*** Valuable Information (any time you want)

*** Establish Your Credibility (each and every time you email)

*** Build Community

*** Turn them into a paying client


Imagine implementing your own Facebook Marketing Strategy 

that grows you email list with new subscribers to your list every day.  

Here's what's possible... 

If your email list grew 

by just 5 new subscribers per day, 

That's 1,825 new potetial clients in just one year.


What if 10 new subscribers joined your email list each day?

That's 3,650 new potential clients in just one year.

What does that mean for you and your revenue?

If just 20% of those new email subscribers purchased a $97.00 program from you,

that would add an additional $70,810 to your annual revenue.


The more dialed in you are on Facebook, 

the higher those numbers go. 

And in truth, the sky is the limit.


Facebook has over 1.6 BILLION REGISTERED USERS.

Your ideal clients are registered on Facebook.

Your ideal clients are accessible on Facebook.

Your ideal clients are waiting for you to find them on Facebook!


Harness The Power Of Facebook Marketing

In this program you'll discover how to:

** Use Facebook to grow your list of paying clients?

** Drive traffic from your personal page to your business page

** Get more likes on your business page without paying for ads

** Brand yourself as an expert (even if you're just starting out)

** Connect with your ideal clients to get more likes, comments and shares

**Design your unique Facebook Marketing Strategy.

I'll take you behind the scenes into my own personal Facebook dashboard to show you how to set up the most important FREE Facebook tools that are built into the Facebook platform.

Inside Harness the Power of Facebook Marketing you will learn...

*** 9 MODULES including:

MODULE #1>>> Why Facebook is a platform you MUST be using to market your business - The Facebook platform is a small business owners dream avenue for getting in front of your specific dream clients.

MODULE #2>>> Developing Your Overall Facebook Marketing Strategy - You'll learn how to make deposits in the 'Facebook Bank of Goodwill' and why doing so will skyrocket your engagement.

MODULE #3>>> Facebook Email List Building Strategy - Learn the latest techniques and strategies to quickly grow your email list using Facebook. 

MODULE #4>>> "How-To" Demonstrations - I take you behind the scenes in my Facebook dashboard to show you step-by-step how to set it all up on your business page. I leave no stone unturned

MODULE #5>>> How To Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Business Page - You'll learn incredibly powerful ways to become more visible to your target audience on Facebook so that they will come back time and time again to learn about what you have to offer. 

MODULE #6>>> How To Increase Engagement On Facebook - You'll discover simple strategies you can implement that are guaranteed to increase views, engagement, likes, shares, comments and clicks on your business page through automation.

MODULE #7>>> Grow Your Email List with a Proven Facebook Marketing Strategy - Learn the latest strategies that are working on Facebook to grow your email list quickly and with highly targeted leads. The techniques demonstrated are the most up-to-date and cutting edge strategies being used by the most successful online marketers TODAY.

MODULE #8>>> Plan Ahead Facebook Marketing Calendar - The greatest results always start with a plan. Learn how to put together a 90 day Facebook marketing calendar ahead of time that takes all the guesswork out of what you should be doing each day to see real results. You'll discover exactly how to design your own campaign strategy that is specifically designed for your target audience.

MODULE #9>>> Final Q&A - Listen in as I answer the most commonly asked Facebook Marketing Questions. Chances are you've had a question or two about your past experiences on Facebook. Well I'm answering all of them, sharing my personal strategies and taking you behind the scenes every step of the way so you'll see exactly what I've done for myself as well as my most successful clients to maximize visibility, list growth and revenue generation with Facebook.

ALSO included: A complete copy of my slide deck to make it easy for you to reference all of the material we cover.

AND: The Pre-Workshop Checklist so you'll be prepared to implement as you go through the training.

BONUS: Access to my 60-minute training, "Attract Your Ideal Client With Simple Facebook Ad Targeting". This training will show you how to research where your ideal clients are spending time on Facebook so you can quickly reach them.

Over 3 hours of detailed step-by-step training...

ONLY $97.00  

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