So let’s start here (check all that apply):

I’m here because I…

  1. need help creating a webinar that sells my programs and coaching services to my ideal audience
  2. want to learn the most effective and cutting edge techniques for marketing my webinar that guarantees maximum registrations and live attendance
  3. want to improve my webinar delivery skills so I feel confident in my presentation and sales techniques, thereby increasing the number of sales I make on each webinar
  4. really want to tap into the power of webinar automation so my presentation can run multiple times per day to make sales while I work on other projects, (or take time off to do something I love)
  5. know webinars are a solid strategy for quickly growing my email list each month and I want to learn the techniques to apply this strategy to my coaching business

GOOD NEWS, my friend! There is no wrong answer.

If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right spot.

Hi! I’m Karen Pattock, and it’s my goal to help you grow a coaching business that attracts clients and sells your programs and coaching services with webinars.

I’m known by most of my clients as the “In-The-Trenches” Coach because I’m all about sharing the “how” behind the “what” of webinars and Facebook marketing. When you work with me you’re never left to figure things out on your own.

We’re a team!

Here’s who I really am.

I’m a self-proclaimed ‘Marketing Geek’ who is completely addicted to the power of webinars.

I could talk webinar strategies, email list growth, proven sales tools and program development all day every day.

I’ve owned 7 different businesses in various industries over the past 24 years and have invested thousands of dollars in my marketing and webinar expertise, (along with an Accounting and Business Management Degree).

My passion for the incredible power of webinars, coupled with my love and expertise in Facebook advertising, led me to launch my current online coaching business.

On a personal note…

… I love sunshine and try to be barefoot as often as possible

Over the last four years I’ve developed a deep love for the mountains & sunshine of Arizona. I can do all the things there that I love like hiking, biking, motorcycling, off-roading all year round, (see “barefoot + sunshine” comment above).

A few random facts about me.

  • I married my husband, Michael, on a beach in Hawaii 19 years ago. He’s my best friend, soul mate and biggest supporter. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today.
  • I was once an audience participant on the Oprah Winfrey show and actually shook her hand, (Yes! I was totally star struck!).
  • I am known by friends and family as the “S’mores Queen” because I have mastered making gourmet s’mores that are incredibly delicious.
  • I am a total believer in the Universal Law of Attraction and practice this belief on a daily basis.
  • As a kid I was completely in love with Elvis and was convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was going to marry him when I grew up.
  • A few years ago I sat across the aisle on a plane from Country Music Star, Trace Adkins. (I didn’t ask for his autograph or picture though.)

Why am I so addicted to webinars anyway?

Webinars are a tested and proven formula that coaches, like you, can use to attract new clients and quickly sell your programs and coaching services.

When I graduated as a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in early 2012 I knew immediately that I wanted to build an online health coaching business. I also intuitively knew hosting webinars would be a key strategy to make that happen.

So I jumped in with both feet, hired a business coach that specialized in hosting webinars, and learned as much as I could as quickly as I could.

My Unusual Business Launch Story

You may be asking yourself how I went from starting my business as a brand new Certified Health Coach to now being an Online Business Coach specializing in Webinars.

Here’s my crazy story…

When I graduated from IIN I was already well into building my coaching business online, attracting clients from all over the United States using webinars.

I was also holding seminars in my local community as well as building a network of referral partners. Then a funny thing started to happen…

Many of my fellow IIN grads started asking me “HOW” I was getting so many new clients so quickly. They wanted to know exactly what I was doing on my webinars that was obviously working so well.

In other words, they wanted me to share my secret sauce.

Before I knew it I was doing more business coaching than health coaching. By the end of 2012 I needed to make a decision between Health Coaching or Business Coaching.

I chose Business Coaching and that’s when my full-time business coaching business was launched.

Since then I’ve also created over 100 episodes of KarenPattock.TV, an online TV show, dedicated to sharing webinar, online marketing and social media “how-to” tips for growing your coaching business.

Want to know if webinars will work for you in your coaching business?

Click here to get your hands on The Ultimate Webinar Toolkit.

In the toolkit I share four tools you can use immediately to design and profit from your webinar. It includes simple tools and a personalized video training from me that dives into the “how” to put webinars to work for you in your coaching business.

So while I’m a big fan of step-by-step guides and courses to make things easier, my approach is all about YOU!

Your business, your dream clients, your profit!

I operate based on a proven strategy that all boils down to harnessing the power of webinars to grow my business and my profits.

So what do you say?

Will you allow me the honor of teaching you how you too can harness the power of webinars in your business?

All you need to do to get started is CLICK HERE to get your hands on The Ultimate Webinar Toolkit.

I’m excited to take this journey with you.


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