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Working with Karen gave me the tools I needed to successfully market my Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification program using social media and online marketing to fill my pilot program 100% in two short weeks.

Lisa Kelly, BComm MEd RHN CCWS CPC

Kelly Wellness Consulting

I thought I knew what I was doing with my Facebook ads but when I wasn’t getting the conversions I wanted I called Karen. She told me to change the amount of daily ad spend and explained why. Within 24 hours I had already PROFITED over $1500. My paid ads budget and the investment for Karen were paid off. Karen’s advice allowed me to make a profit of $3577 coming straight from Facebook ads which I never would have made had it not been for her and her in-depth Facebook knowledge. She has now become my go-to expert for my social media needs for my business. Thank you Karen!

Lori Kennedy, RHN

Founder, The Wellness Business Academy and WOW! Nutrition System

While working with Karen, I celebrated my first 5-figure income month and am on track to do it again this month. Karen teaches you how to identify your ideal customers and how to build a list. The information she shared that was most valuable to me centered around how to design my programs and my sales page.

Kathleen LeGrys, CHC, CPT

Founder, Health Coach Solutions

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